I have no beliefs. Experience is my only truth. Yet, there was once a time when I used to actively pursue knowledge- through books, workshops and courses, until one day, life brought me to this point of sudden realization that in the light of personal experience, all knowledge and teaching can be questioned. I ended up becoming a modern day yogi by default.

I have grown up in India where somehow all roads lead to spiritual seeking. I personally embraced the traditional path of yoga and spirituality after being struck by a rare medical condition about twelve years ago. It led me to the practice of kriya yoga and through it, to discover for myself the great value of yogic science that was prescribed neither by religion or education. After spending years on dedicated practice of moving within, I see life just as it is. This has allowed me to remain in a state of ease between a city life of ambition and lifestyle, and the spiritual awakening I experience within.

I have chosen to start this blog for two reasons. The first, because I am able write again after a twelve- year struggle with debilitation. The second, because I would like to share the study of my experiences. These articles are definitely not for those who don’t have time to read the old fashioned way. No bullet points here, I’m afraid! The purpose of these articles is also not to preach or teach anyone anything. However, if they should touch their conscious in any way, a purpose may fall in place.

Pallavi Guptaa