The Destiny of us

Destiny is the golden element of life. Everyone starts out by wanting to go somewhere and do something to create the life of their dream. Some manage, some don’t but everyone tries. Some take the extra step by reading motivating books or watching inspiring films where higher faculties of our mind explore our thought patterns to change thought waves in order to manifest a destiny. I tried it too. So, getting that house, the career, the lifestyle, did involve some affirmations and attitudes at a subtle level besides the hard work. But somehow, when I fell sick with a lesser-known autoimmune condition, I blamed destiny for the longest time because I was angry and overcome with fear.

I surrounded myself with books that allowed me to justify my illness because of a certain past, a certain situation, a certain person, basically, a certain life. The doctors were telling me that I would have to throw-in the towel and learn to live by medicating myself daily for the rest of my life to just hold myself up. Everything around me, including unawareness of some family members and friends, was pushing me against the wall of defeat and I was slowing handing over my power to a simple word called destiny. Yet, something in me, which I now understand as our higher intelligence, was not comfortable with this attitude. It was as if a longing to know something vital had been ignited deep within.

Then one day, this longing culminated in the discovery of a spiritual teacher and mystic, Sadhguru JV that changed my life forever. He was speaking about destiny from his own experience and it got my attention instantly. He indicated that apart from using our physical and mental abilities to create a favorable destiny, we also had the faculty of our life energies at our disposal to seal the deal. According to him, we can create our destiny a hundred percent. If we have mastery over our physical body, we can control our destiny up to 15%, and if we had mastery over the mind, we can control it anywhere from 40 to 60%. However, if we gain mastery over our life energies, we can control our destiny a 100%, even to the extent of choosing the very womb that will carry us again! It was a fantastic thing to hear. We either dismiss or venture into fantastic things. So I took a decision to work on my energies rather than let my mind deter the experiment.

It’s been ten years I have been following his yogic practice. It let me experience life differently and connect to that source within, that sustains and carries me as a life-force from one day to the next. It has let me empty myself of the inconsequential ideas of past and future and dive deeply into the present of my life. By making an absolute connection with myself for a few minutes daily, an intelligence of immense capacity- the capacity to heal, nurture and regenerate, has come into my experience and I have learnt to use it to my advantage. It’s been years since I have taken any medication and despite the few physical limitations that only inspire me to deepen my practice, life has found me again.

The sad part is, until something goes terribly wrong in life, we ignore the science of spirituality. For a long time, I tried to make sense of my illness by mentally stringing the pieces of my life together. Why did it happen? What did I do wrong? But when I addressed my energies directly, I began to see the limitations of the mind and how futile it was to analyze life to make sense of it. I could see that my purpose to question my situation was to know myself better. I discovered that there was something far more profound to me than the stupid questions I raised. I learnt a simple truth- getting to know who I am was all about getting to know who I was not.

I would say that our greatest tragedy as a race, is that we are living a life that is totally disconnected with who we truly are. Understanding the technology of spiritual wellbeing and applying it is the best thing we can do for ourselves. Forget our own, our collective destiny depends on it.