The Mystic Within

Ever since I met Sadhguru, an enlightened yogi and mystic, I have been fascinated by the realm of the mystical, though not in an obvious sort of way. I had read his book ‘Mystic’s Musing’ even before I had enrolled for his yoga program and had surprisingly noted that I hadn’t dismissed it, even though some of its portions sounded unbelievable then. This was because something about it had perfectly undeniable logic that only made me aware of how little I knew. In fact, my greatest motivation in life since then is in accepting that I know nothing outside my own experience. The book also made me see that I was a hungry seeker who was ready to pursue the path of yoga and spirituality for reasons well above my health and wellbeing.

Mystics seldom cross our paths, and if they do, you don’t let the opportunity pass. Instead, you just hover around like a working bee and gather nectar because their source is unlimited. Since my health issues had put me out of work, I decided to work on myself instead. Whatever little effort I had put into myself until then was mainly through reading. It was only when I started my spiritual practice that I realized what ‘working on myself’ really meant. It involved daily disciplines- of living, of practice and of awareness. This meant, no matter what, no matter how, no matter where, I had to learn to surrender to the process. (I’ll write separately on surrender, but for now, it’s enough to say that surrender is a doorway to the beyond).

So anyway, when I was working on myself, deepening my yogic practices, I slowly lost ambition for name, fame and money, and I threw myself into a longing to know what lay beyond my five senses. Sadhguru’s own mystical ways had not escaped me and so I asked him if he could write about the mystical realm, hoping it would serve as some kind of an inspiration for seekers. He looked at me as if asking me to pay close attention. “What is there to write” he said, “everything there is to know is already out there”. It made me wonder what he meant. Where is ‘out there’? If it’s mystical how will we see it? It took me a few years to figure out that the answers to my questions could only come through experience.

Unfortunately, mystics are often mistrusted because of the powerful nature of mystical experiences. By powerful nature, I do not mean that the experiences are destructive or harm-doing. And if occult is a word passing through your mind, dismiss it as just one tiny aspect of using energy. The mystical has a positive vibe. The thesaurus offers words like magical, numinous, and spiritual. But the best that applies to it, I think, is transcendent. When you allow the mystical to be known, you begin to percept things beyond your regular senses. For instance, I had never picked up a paint brush my entire life and yet, one day, I woke up to discover that I understood the ways of color and technique inside-out. It was a knowing without study. I needed a medium to express my energy and the medium needed me to know it. So it just opened up.

Another thing I have noticed is that people sometimes mistake spiritual enhancement as being gifted. Considering heightened perception as being ‘gifted’ is not only underestimating human potential, but also flattering ourselves unnecessarily. Seen from a larger perspective, we are mere specks of sand in this vast existence. We know that something more superior has created us. So when we assume that our brain is the greatest creation, and when we think that our achievements are larger than life itself, we miss out on the fact that an incredible intelligence has gone into creating every bit of us and we are only means of its manifestation. The important thing to know here is, what created us has also left an imprint within us. And just as we carry our parent’s imprint, all humanity carries the imprint of the intelligence that created it.

There are ways to access this imprint and when we unearth it, our perception is heightened to an incredible proportion which we call mystical. But in truth, all we are doing is unearthing the natural human potential within us which can only be seen as a human responsibility, not as an achievement. Just as we cannot call our capacity to love our achievement. It is said that mysticism is tomorrow’s science dreamt today. Yogis and mystics have known the nature of the vast existence for thousands of years, which scientists are discovering only now. Or as Einstein put it :”The finest emotion of which we are capable is the mystic emotion. Herein lies the germ of all art and all true science. Anyone to whom this feeling is alien, who is no longer capable of wonderment and lives in a state of fear is a dead man.”

If you are with me so far and are asking what are the right things to do to enhance our perception, let me offer you a simple theory of the mystic that graced my life. He says that if we do the right things, right things will happen. He is a tried and tested yogi, so obviously, yoga is his answer and it’s a potent one too. I have tried it and there can be no special words to say it except, it is true, it works, yoga does enhance your perception. Other practices like meditation, Tai-chi, Qigong, martial arts have also taken human beings to incredible heights of perception but yoga is definitely the most studied and sophisticated technology of the human system as its history proves. However, whichever practice we may choose, at least in my personal journey, I have observed that there is just no room for self-importance. The moment, my ego comes into play, I soil the lucidity of the energy within me. If I can live without having a description in my mind for everything and everyone, including myself, I automatically become a passage for the subtler dimension.

Of course it’s always easier to refer to the asterisks that come with the manual, but that is why we need a daily spiritual practice for results. The mystical breath lives well in the depths of human maturity. Maturity in the deepest sense of the word, would amount to how much awareness one gathers in fields of compassion, acceptance, and forgiving. It means responsibility to our personal enhancement in a way that goes beyond a compelling self-interest. For a few, mystical experiences last forever, but for most they come and go. Either way, they always remind us that a living potential meant for wings will not crawl. I like to look at mysticism as discovering those wings.